Outdoor Decor Water Fountains


Build a Beautiful Garden Indoors and Out.

Find the right water fountain to suit your space and add a sense of tranquility to your home with Ethans Courtyard and Patio.

Whether used indoors or out, Ethans Courtyard and Patio water fountain options provide an attractive focal point in your indoor or outdoor space as well as a soothing sound you can enjoy any time of day.
At Ethans Courtyard and Patio, you’ll find classic and modern inspired designs to match your existing home or outdoor decor. From tiered fountains, stone water fountains to pottery-style water fountains, our water-resistant options add tranquility to your patio, porch, or garden. Do you have limited space? Our wall-hung waterfall fountain brings calm to a bland room without sacrificing floor space.
Our models come with a power cord, so it’s easy to plug in and enjoy, or you could also find energy-friendly solar water fountains to keep costs low.

Ethan’s Courtyard & Patio also offers High Quality & Trusted Fountain Maintenance Service for the areas of Lee and Collier County. Our Knowledgeable professionals will help you start to finish, from pointing you in the right direction when selecting a new outdoor piece, scheduling your safe home delivery, and taking care of proper installation and maintenance. Ask us for information about our delivery services or our weekly, monthly, or quarterly maintenance packages designed to conveniently service you and take the burden of transportation and installation out of your hands.
Take you Outdoor to the next level, let your imagination run wild, and see how you could transform your garden.