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Build a Beautiful Garden Indoors and Out.

The right pot or planter can transform an interior or outdoor space to the next level, but not if you leave them in the plastic nursery pots they’re sold in at plant shop— or when your new plant is shipped to your door through one of the many online plant sellers, your new addition becomes a missed opportunity to revamp your space and become a great addition to your living room decor or outdoors.

If you want to upgrade your indoor or outdoor plants or greenery, all you need to do is visit Ethan’s Courtyard and Patio to find them the right pot or planter for your indoor or outdoor space.

You can leave your new plant in the plastic pot for now, but why not get a decorative pot and slip the plastic pot inside as a liner? Watering is easier because you don’t have to worry about drainage, and you can easily do everything in the sink or on the patio if it’s more convenient.

We have colorful and patterned pots and planters, small to extra-large pots, and unique pieces that work on desktops, coffee tables, end tables, along with hanging planters, outdoor planters, vases, and more.

Finding the best plant pots and planters at our store may be a little difficult because we carry so many beautiful design pieces to make sure you’ll bring home one of our unique pieces collected from our rounds all over the United States and from other parts of the world.
You will be amazed at how many options and what you can find at Ethan’s Courtyard and Patio.